We started our story in 2011. Back then we were the first and only company who offered the Vox tour guide systems in Hungary. The idea was super easy: rereforming the escorted city tours with a practical tour guide system device: the tourguide talks via a wireless microphone to his/her guests who can hear all the explanations in their ears: does not matter if they are walking on a noisy street or they are visiting a chuch where silence is appreciated. Not to mentioned that the guests did not have to stand right next to the guide to hear his or her words!

Today this tour guide system has been so popular that most tour leaders use this system during city walks. Do you remember those days when guides had to shout loud in noisy environments so everyone in the group can hear its words? Back then churches and museums were louder then a local market!

We launched our own brand in 2017 and since then our Budapest office is called Tourguidesystem.hu. Our Vox devices, our staff and our service remains the same.


Stay safe with out TGS wireless tour guide system devices whereever you travel! Clean devices and disposable earpieces provides safety! Keep the social distacing between your guest yet allow everyone to hear every word!

TGS Rental Options

Daily rental in Budapest

Walking tours, segway tours, bike tours, museum or church visits are not complete without our tour guide system devices! Our daily rental is perfect for all groups. Free delivery and return for most groups!

Excursions all over Europe

With our long rent service you can enjoy our devices throughout Europe. No matter where you start of finish the tour. We supply your tours everywhere in the European Union.

Factory visits and translations

Do you often have visitors in your factory where guiding is difficult due to loud noices? Are you organizing a congress or you need a cheaper interpretation system? Our devices are here for your service. With over 6000 devices in our stock you can be sure we are ready for your service.

Ski trainings

Ski trainings like never before! Our audioguide devices can accompany you even on the white slopes!


Tourguidesystem.hu for a greener Budapest

Since 2019 all Budapest hotel deliveries and returns are done by E-Courier Services, one of the few companies in Budapest who solely deliver with electric scooters and cars. You can see their economy friendly scooters all over the city more and more frequently.

Let's keep in touch!

Our office: 

1067 Budapest, Csengery street 49.

Our office is located in the 6th district, almost next to the House of Terror. You can visit us from Monday to Friday between 9:00 - 17:00. Just ring the bell nr. 23 and come up the second floor. Our office is in the corner to the right.

Central phone number:

+36 30 721 2736

Technical help:

+36 30 520 3543

Assistance in English and reaching management:

+36 30 604 9320

Let's keep in contact!

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