RATES 2021


Budapest | 350 Ft + 27% VAT per person per day, or 1,2 € + 27% VAT per person per day

Delivery and return is possible anywhere in Budapest. Delivery and return service is free of charge over 10 pax. Airport transfers are unfortunately not possible. This is how our delivery works: we either leave your headsets at the reception of the hotel from where you can pick up it and use it all day or we can be there personally and assist you with the handouts. The receiver of the TD is free of charge so as the microphone of the tour guide.


Budapest | 290 Ft + 27% VAT per person per day or 1,00 € + 27% VAT per person per day.
Minimum rental days: 4 days

The devices can be picked up and dropped of in any hotel in the European Union.

Alll our devices are supplied with normal alkaline batteries so you will not need to charge the devies during the tour. Spare batteries are always provided in case a device's battery gows low. You can find all the details about EU deliveries in our terms and conditions. 

Lost device fee:
Receiver | 50,00 € + 27% VAT per device
Transmitter| 100,00 € + 27% VAT per device

Payments: cash or credit card on spot or bank transfer


Unfortunately, due to the current situation, we are forced to make some changes in our delivery protocol: from October 1, 2020, our general lease will be amended as follows:

  • We will not be able to undertake the requested deliveries in all cases. So if they have the opportunity, please pick them up from our office at an agreed time and drop them off at the same place.

  • Furthermore, I would like to ask you to place your orders as soon as possible (even as pre-orders), because we may not be able to accept SOS orders in all cases.


Thank you very much for your understanding!