The big sisters of the old Card Radio devices has been successfully operating in the tourism market. Due to their great quality these Italian devices have been the sole devices used by TourGuideSystem.hu. 

  • small size (63x100x18 mm)

  • weights around 60 gramm without batteries

  • A set of 50 can fit in our carrying cases including spare devices and all accossiores

  • All our long rent devices run on AA batteries for about 40 hours. Thanks to the batteries you do not need to charge the devices during on a longer tour.

  • Our devices have 96 or 99 channels. Thus makes interference impossible. Something disturbs your channel? Simply just change channel!

  • Your guests can hear all your workds in a 150 meter circle. Just make sure they do not get lost! :)

  • You can always check the channel and the bettery level on the LCD panel.



Since the beginning we have been using disposable eaarpieces. Never ever use the same earpiece again. The disposable, high quality TGS earphones were designed uniquely for us by Abeier company, one of the leading earphone producers of the world. Your guests can keep the headphones after the tour. Due to hygienic reasons please never collect the used earphones from your guests.


Four our guests with hearing aids we are please to provide an over-the-ear headphone. These headphones are not desposable so please make sure you return us after the tour. In case of VVIP group we can sell these headphones for you for additional charge.



Our uniquely designed carrying case can be recognized even from a distance. It easily fits even 70 devices. Our logo is well senn on the case so it is easy for you to find your own case in the hotels as well! We provide this case mostly for longer bus tours and this is the case we use with DHL transports.


Due to the high demans from the local guides we started using these rainproof backpacks for daily rentals. The backpacks are also ideal for groups travelling on a plane. Our locally designed backpacks became a huge favourite in the last year. It is comfortable to wear and once it is empty you can fold it and place it in any bag.


This is the bag we use for small groups. 100 % organic cotton. 

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